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Critical Chain

Online Conference April 17-18, 2024

Delivering MORE Projects - Better - Faster and at a Lower Cost

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This 2-day online conference provided Project Managers and Portfolio Managers with an introduction to Critical Chain, the powerful TOC methodology, for addressing problems related to project management and streamlining your timeline to deliver projects faster, better and at lower cost. 30+ sessions featuring applied work from around the world and its practical results that have contributed to organizations. There was introductory educational sessions for newcomers, advanced sessions and new developments for seasoned TOC practitioners, case studies, live Q&A with presenters. Stay tuned for an upcoming announcement on Critical Chain 2025 dates.

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Explore exclusive content, expert insights, and resources that delve deep into Critical Chain. Let's navigate together through the latest trends and valuable information within these specialized tracks.
  • Critical Chain In practice - Case studies
    This conference track tells it like it is with CCPM. Real case studies by real practitioners applying the CCPM methodology. You will learn how projects were delivered in less time and at less cost with greater certainty and benefit, overcoming significant obstacles. Be inspired by the outstanding results and be confident that the methodology works across simple to very complex project environments.
  • Insights into the Critical Chain method
    If you are a project management professional, new to CCPM, this track is for you. Get ready to grasp critical insights and learn the key differences with traditional project management methods. What works and why it works. Learn why these differences matter to deliver projects reliably on time in less time and within budget. Check out the free CCPM introductory educational series in the conference lobby. And once you have got sufficient insight into CCPM, hop over to the case studies track to see proof of how well CCPM works in practice.
  • New Developments and Adaptations of Critical Chain
    Since its inception by Dr. Eli Goldratt in 1997, Critical Chain has attracted worldwide attention. It has been further enhanced with new additions and adaptations, adding to the power of the methodology. This conference brings the latest additions and adaptions to the foreground, helping those looking to extend their capabilities with CCPM even further. Check out the program; it is packed with the latest thinking and applications of CCPM.


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Critical Chain has enabled thousands of projects to significantly and sustainably improve productivity. Typical improvement ranges from 25% to over 100% increase in productivity and capacity. Durations and costs fall. Due-date reliability hits 95% plus. All speakers use the Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) method to schedule their projects (or portfolios) and to manage execution for delivering projects…

  • On-Time...
    in less time
  • On-Budget...
    at lower cost
  • Without Compromising...
    on quality or scope, and without changing their staff.
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The Critical Chain Project and Multi-Projects Management 101 Workshop examines problems with traditional PM and provides an introduction to Critical Chain Project Management. Includes two interactive games and a QUIZ. Watch On Demand from the Conference Lobby.

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Companies Delivering MORE Projects - Better- Fast and at Lower Cost with Critical Chain


Dr Eliyahu Goldratt is the author of Critical Chain and the inventor of the Theory of Constraints (TOC), a management philosophy and methodology that is used to improve the performance of organizations by identifying and addressing the key constraints that are limiting the organization's ability to achieve its goals. The TOC body of knowledge includes a range of concepts, tools, and techniques that are used to identify, analyze, and improve the performance of organizational systems. Today TOC has developed into a comprehensive collection of methods that are used to manage a wide range of systems and operations of all scales – from personal development, to global multinationals, and governments. One of the key tools and techniques used in TOC includes Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM), a method developed in the 1990’s for managing projects and resources. After years of development and testing, Goldratt publicized the Critical Chain method in his book – Critical Chain – in 1997. Critical Chain is often abbreviated to CC, or CCPM (Critical Chain Project Management).

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This conference is proudly organized by the Theory of Constraints International Certification Organization (TOCICO), global not-for-profit organization. Our conference planning committee consists of experienced project managers and consultants who passionately believe that the tools of Critical Chain and TOC make great additions to a project manager’s toolkit. For 20+ years the TOCICO has organized global events bringing together practitioners, students and experts in TOC. This conference seeks to make some of that experience available to the wider project management community.

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Critical Chain 2024